New Front Pager — Kinsiel!

We have a new streamer in the community. Look for her “NEW TO GSC” banner.

When you see her Live, drop in and welcome her to the community!




Regular nerd during the day, gaming villain by night! Variety gamer in a nutshell but partial lover of puzzles and horror games (> ° °)>


Current Games: Kingdom Hearts, Smite

Schedule: Every day after 9PM, EST


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New Front Pager — GeekForceDelta!

We have two new streamers in the community. Look for the “NEW TO GSC” banner.

When you see them Live, drop in and welcome them to the community!


GeekForceDelta (Echelon + Screwtape)

We’re just a few friends who love to game! During our streams we’ll discuss everything from upcoming game titles, movies, and everything in between. We are lifelong nerds who love everything associated with nerd culture.


Current Games: WoW, The Division, Don’t Starve Together, Helldivers

Schedule: Tues/Thurs starting at 8PM CST, Fri starting at 9
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