Front Page FAQs



What’s the deal with the streamers on the front page?

We are all about helping the streamers in our community. Placing their streams on our front page is one way we help people grow their audience.


What is the “Front Page List”?

The Front Page List, shortened to “The List”, contains the eligible streamers in our community who appear on the front page when they’re Live.


Who is on The List?

You can find all of our Front Pagers listed on Twitter HERE.


What determines which streams in The List appear on the front page?

Only online streams in The List appear on the front page. This encourages people to be active streamers.


How long does a stream remain in The List?

Generally, a streamer’s channel remains in The List until they become very inactive.

We ask that streamers broadcast at least twice a week on average. We understand people have busy lives, go on vacation, etc, and we’re flexible with that. That being said, inactive streams are eventually removed from The List.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from The List for any reason or no reason.


What do the banners on the stream icons mean?

NEW TO GSC: Recently added to The List. Welcome them to the community if you see them Live!

GSC 2014: Back in 2014, GSC had “guest streamers” on our Twitch channel. These people get this special banner on their stream icon.

[EVENT]: Front pagers running a special event, like a charity stream or a 24-hour stream, will get a special banner for the duration of their event.

[CUSTOM]: Front pagers in good standing can request a custom banner for themselves.

GSC STAFF: On the GSC Staff, ’nuff said.

new_to_gsc       gsc 2014        staff_stream2


I am a streamer, how can I get in The List?

To get on the front page, you must have a referral from someone already on the front page. Have them contact us to get the ball rolling.

If you don’t know anyone, this is your chance to network with new streamers!

In order to be considered for the Front Page List, you must:

  • Use a microphone on your stream.
  • Not be a jerk.
  • Support other streamers (not just in it for yourself).


What rules do I have to obey while I am in The List?

  • Behave! Obey Twitch’s rules.
  • Support the other front page streamers on GSC. Visit their channels and help them out, and then they will do the same for you!
  • Remain active.
  • When you’re streaming, be there for real. No streaming recordings or any other trickery.


If I am on GSC’s front page, am I allowed to appear on other websites too?

GSC does not restrict you from appearing on other websites or communities.


Anything else?

Everything here is subject to change!