Extra Life 2016

Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 5th, GSC will be participating in the annual Extra Life charity event!

Here are the details.

Where will it be? https://www.twitch.tv/gamestreamingcentral

You can also drop by the Extra Life 2016 room in our discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/0cVybgALXz6xiiMk

When? Starting show begins at 1PM EST. After the show, kdogg3n4, sorlac7, and pandamedic will be streaming For The Kids!

What is the goal? This year we are hoping to raise over $500 For The Kids.

Where do I donate? https://www.extra-life.org/participant/gamestreamingcentral


We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, just like the old days

Changes Around GSC

Hello everyone!

Here is an update on all the recent changes happening around GSC.


Getting on the Front Pagechecklist_no

We are always interested in having more great people on the front page, but we need streamers that are interested in being part of the community.

In the past, streamers interested in being on the front page filled out an application form on the website. This did nothing to encourage them to check out our existing front page streamers, nor to investigate if the community was even a good fit for them.

Therefore, the application form is gone. Streamers interested in being on the front page must now have a referral from someone who is already on the front page. This helps our existing community members along with encouraging new people to see if our community is for them.

Any front pager is also welcome to contact GSC to recommend someone they know for the front page.


GSC Forum is Gone

The forum on the GSC website has been shut down. While some people did use the forum, it was a hassle to maintain, often causing problems with the website.

We encourage former users of the forum to migrate to our Discord server, where many of our community members hang out.



The rules on our Discord chat have been relaxed.

  • Now anyone can post Twitch links in the main chat
    • HOWEVER, hit-and-run links (where someone joins only to post their link and then leaves) will be deleted
  • Regulars and kSubs can take advantage of link and image embedding. Posting links shows a large image preview of the link into the chat.
    • Regulars are streamers on our front page or long-time supporters of the community. Their names are shown in purple in our discord. People who the GSC staff know participate in the community become regulars.
    • kSubs are people who subscribe to kDoGG3n4 (a GSC staff member and regular streamer) on GameWisp. Their names are shown in green in our discord.
    • Tronic’s name is in yellow because he is special.



GSC Late Night – Officially Cancelled

The GSC Late Night show has not taken place in some time. The show’s format (interviews and updates) got stale after many months of regular shows. But the show has never officially cancelled, until now.

We want to thank all of the guests and guest hosts we had on the show. Most of you are still strong members of the community and it wouldn’t be the same without you!

Recordings of past shows can still be found on our YouTube channel HERE.



GSC GameWisp is No More

GSC is no longer in the business of delivering regular content, so there was little reason to subscribe to us on GameWisp. Our community members are the ones that produce the content, so the support should go to them instead! Therefore, GSC having a GameWisp channel served little purpose.

Special thanks to our past subscribers. 10% of the income was already donated to Extra Life. The cash-out before the channel closed went to kDoGG’s St. Jude fundraiser.



Future Events

There will still be occasional special events on GSC’s Twitch channel. Some examples include D&D adventures, Rocket League, holiday events, and charity drives. News posts and hype will surround any upcoming events, so stay tuned to the website and our Twitter.


That’s all for now. See you around the community!

Sorlac – GSCEO